Fashion Angels Neon Tie Dye Fashion Design Super Set

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  • THE ULTIMATE FASHION CLASSIC: Tie dye designed clothing and accessories are hip, cool, and iconic. With the Fashion Angels tie dye kit, you can create one like an expert. Set includes easy-to-follow instructions and inspiration guide to help you.
  • JUST ADD WATER: Every material and tool that you need to create funky tie dyed tank top, socks, shoe laces, scrunchie, and headband is in our set. Just add water to the concentrated kid-safe dyes in seven vibrant colors and you're good to go!
  • MESS-FREE CREATIVE PLAY: Moms will be delighted to know that this kids DIY tie dye kit comes with a reusable plastic bin that can serve as a dyeing tub for a mess-free activity. The bin also provides ample storage space to keep your supplies clean and organized.
  • FUN & EASY DIY ACTIVITY - Reduce children's screen time by giving them enjoyable and entertaining crafts to do. Tie dyeing is a great hobby and bonding activity with family and friends. This kit is also perfect for sleepovers, holidays, weekends, school breaks, summer camps, or even in birthday parties.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 7 colors of tie dye powder, 1 one-size fits most child size tank top, 1 pair of child sized socks, 1 pair of shoelaces, 2 scrunchies, 1 headband, 30 elastic bands, 1 pair of non-latex gloves, reusable dyeing tub, and easy to follow instructions.
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